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We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services to help you navigate complex regulations, deliver real value and strengthen trust and transparency in your business.

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Welcome to Farrelly & Scully and Registered Auditors, your trusted partner for professional audit and assurance services in Ireland. As Chartered Accountants regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland for audit and IAASA, we are committed to delivering exceptional

financial expertise and ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards. With offices conveniently located in Dublin, Meath , Cavan, and Kildare, we are well-positioned to serve businesses across the region.

Audit and Assurance Services:

At Farrelly & Scully, we offer a comprehensive range of audit and assurance services designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in Ireland. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of Irish accounting regulations and international financial reporting standards. We conduct thorough and independent audits to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements, providing you with the confidence and trust you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Audit Exemption Criteria:

We understand that certain businesses may qualify for audit exemption in accordance with Irish law. To qualify for an audit exemption, your company must meet specific criteria, including the following:

Our audit and assurance team can assess your eligibility for audit exemption and guide you through the process, ensuring compliance while minimizing unnecessary costs and administrative burden.

Tailored Approach and Value-Added Insights:

When you choose Farrelly & Scully as your audit and assurance partner, you can expect a tailored approach that meets your unique requirements. We recognize that every business is different and take the time to understand your operations, risks, and objectives. Our professionals go beyond the numbers, analysing your internal controls, systems, and processes to identify areas for improvement and provide valuable insights that drive growth and enhance efficiency

Experienced Professionals and Advanced Technology:

Our audit and assurance team comprises highly skilled professionals with expertise across various industries. We combine our experience with advanced audit methodologies and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and accurate results. With our commitment to continuous professional development, we stay ahead of industry trends and emerging regulations, ensuring that your audit is conducted with precision and excellence.


Choose Farrelly & Scully Accountants and Registered Auditors for your audit and assurance needs in Ireland. Contact us today to discuss how our services can help your company thrive while ensuring compliance, transparency, and added value for your business.

Our comprehensive Audit & Assurance services include:

Statutory and financial statement assurance

Quarterly reviews

Grant audits

Regulatory reporting assurance

Completion accounts

Share-based remuneration accounting

Revenue assurance

Share-based remuneration accounting